Here are our 2024 elected board memebrs and a short biography

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    PRESIDENT - Dominic Troia IV

    Dominic has been a SC1924 member since 2013 coming into the club on our Open team. Dom currently plays for our O30 A team as well as Assistant coaches for our OPEN A team. He is married to his lovely wife Ashley Troia and father of two boys(Domenico and Vincenzo). Dominic enjoys coaching both high school and youth soccer, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family and dog.


    "I love this club and everything it stands for. This club is a very special family of Men(and their own families) from all walks of life who've come together to enjoy a shared passion for soccer. It is so fulfilling to have over 100 friends who share the same passion and interests as I do. I will do all i can to ensure this club not only survives another 100 years but GROWS into something this community can really look up to in the future! Cheers! Prost!" -Dominic

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    TREASURER - Dave Fleischer

    Dave has been part of Sport Club 1924 since 1982 when he attended tryouts and made the team, playing until 1986. He then came back in 1998/99 and has been a club player since. Dave also was our previous president(from 2006-2023) and currently manages our O40 Team. He's married to his lovely wife Catherine and father of two boys(Nick/ Nathan).

    "I didn't know what it meant to be part of "club" soccer but quickly found out because I made great friendships and the feeling of battling on the field, that has lasted to this day.

    Once I stepped onto the field I would fight for my friends and the "Club" SC 1924.

    To this day as I wait for that whistle to sound and to start the game, I get nervous as hell as I take a few minutes to size up the other teams players and wonder how this will play out.

    Sport Club 24 and soccer has meant alot to me, not just good excersice but it has always beed my therapy.
    The direction of the club with the dedication and help of the newer, younger members is definitely a great thing and they seem to love this club the same as I do.
    Another 100 years?? WHY NOT!!!!" - Dave

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